Anticipating “The Dark Crystal”

darkcrystalposterI haven’t had the time as of yet to dive into more of the extensive pieces I wanted to write for this blog, so I’m taking a moment to offer some brief thoughts on my next highly anticipated series – Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

I’m admittedly not one of the original film’s largest fans. I think the film is a bit on the slow side and is not quite as engaging from a writing and character standpoint as it is from a visual standpoint. But the latter is where my adoration comes in heavily. The Dark Crystal is a tour de force of mesmerizing imagery. I love watching the old school puppetry at work, and it creates a wholly unique world that is unlike anything else.

And that’s why I’m so looking forward to the new series. I think having it as a television series will give a great opportunity to expand the world and populate it with fully three dimensional characters with great stories. Quite frankly, I’m so excited for it that it’s the one big reason I haven’t cancelled my Netflix subscription yet this year (in preparation for Disney+).

The footage Netflix has released so far looks very appealing, though I’m surprised to see that the citizens of Thra actually viewed the Skeksis as “benevolent” rulers! Who would look at those guys and think “yeah, they’re alright”?” 😀 Still, that setup makes for what looks like some wonderful story material. The scope of the series is clearly far beyond what would have ever seemed conceivable back during the time of the original film, and one can’t help but think what a horrible shame it is that Jim Henson isn’t around to see it.

With no more Game of Thrones, I’m obviously on the lookout for the next fantasy show to get me hooked. The Thrones and Lord of the Rings prequels won’t be here for some time yet, so will The Dark Crystal be the thing to fill that void? Based on the absolutely tantalizing peaks we’ve gotten so far, I think that may very well be the case.

Just 8 more days until the series drops, and I can hardly wait. Unfortunately, that means there’s still one more week of work between me and it, but there’s a price to be paid for all great things. 😀 Fingers crossed that it whisks me away to its far away land of Thra and never lets go.

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