Concerning an Update

It’s been a couple months now since my first entries on this blog, which was not exactly what I planned when I started it. But things have a habit of getting away from us, and so I’ve gone a spell without writing. I’ll be working on correcting that in the coming week.

In the time since I last wrote, I’ve seen a number of new films, fallen in love with a new fantasy series and begun a journey watching a stellar new science fiction show with new friends. The fantasy series will come first in a new post due in a couple days – that series being Netflix’s masterpiece The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.


In addition to becoming addicted to the new series, I’ve been reading the original novelization of the 1982 film, and will soon be taking on writer J.M. Lee’s YA novels, set at the same time as the new series (and featuring many of the same characters). I can’t wait to dive into all of that wonderful material, and share my experience with all of you.

It’s my hope to grow these posts into something larger in the future, so barring busy work scheduling, I expect to be spending a lot more time writing content for this blog. More to come soon.


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